5 Easy Eco-Travel Tips To Be A Better Traveller

Its not always rocket science nor does it take up all your energy to be an eco-conscious traveller. And when you do it for one trip, it’ll be easy as pie for the other trips that follow. Something as simple as carrying your reusable water bottle will make the world of a difference to the planet, and if it’s that simple – what’s stopping you? Here are 5 of the easiest eco-travel tips things you can do to become a better travelling human.

*Applies when you’re travelling overseas or to the next town.

1 – BYOB

Eco-travel tip number 1 is the simplest thing that even a baby could do it. Bring your own bottle. Surprisingly, I’m not talking about alcohol here – just water.

Carry your own reusable water bottle. When it’s over, simply ask someone in a restaurant, hotel, or your accommodation provider to refill it with bottled or filtered water. This reduces your consumption of single-use plastic and saves you a few extra bucks too.

2 – Eat Local

No, I don’t mean to eat a local (I mean, unless you were hooking up with someone, then by all means, carry on OR if you were into cannibalism – that’s weird, don’t do that).

greek food

Skip the McDonalds, honestly. While it may seem like the easiest thing to get when you’re travelling and famished – it would take you two extra seconds and a satisfied tummy if you dined at a local restaurant instead. But this one’s mostly easier for the foodies and the more adventurous traveller. If you’re fussy, skip this point to the next! Everyone else, a few bucks to grab a local delight – sweet, savoury or even a full meal will mean the world to the vendor as well. AND you would have tried something new and delicious too on your travelling adventures.

3 – Skip the Plastic Bags

tote bag

Last minute trips to the supermarket are almost always unavoidable. Carry your own tote – customise one if you can’t find one to suit your style. Avoid using single-use plastic bags to carry your packet of chips, pads or toothpaste – or even your souvenirs when you’re on a shopping spree for the family back home. If you don’t have a tote, and you have less than 4 items, consider carrying them in your hand instead. I got mine custom made from a small, local business – Tote Love SL.

4 – Wild Animals Belong in the Wild

Don’t do touristy things with animals. This is a given. An elephant doesn’t want to take you on a ride nor does a tiger think it’s cool that you’re posing next to it for a picture.

elephants in minneriya

Elephant rides, posing with drugged tigers, holding parrots, carrying sloths or koala bears, etc.- stop all of it. They’re all a big NO. Any place that has a wild animal in chains, cages, etc. and is charging you a fee to pose next to it or use it for tourism should be a complete outright no. If you love animals and really want to see how they behave like they would usually, see them in their natural habitat – without a human poking, prodding and hitting them.

5 – Litter is for the Bitter

A no-brainer – don’t litter. If you still throw a piece of plastic, wrapper or anything anywhere besides a bin, you might have a few brain cells missing or damaged – get that checked after reading this blog. A tiny piece of plastic might seem like a speck of dirt – except it’s not. Especially when 20 other people also had the same thought. Find a bin to dispose it or if there aren’t any around, keep it in your pocket or bag, until you can dispose it like a normal person.

Being an eco-conscious traveller doesn’t take much effort and it’s the smallest thing you can do to play your part while you live on this earth. If you already follow these eco-travel tips then, kudos to you! You’re one step in the right direction of saving the beautiful planet we live on. Just remember, the smallest effort from you will have the biggest impact. If you’re travelling with your partner, family or friends, try to get them to join in too.

Tip – Nagging helps. I generally keep harping about this when travelling with my family to stop them from getting plastic straws when we’re about to drink a king coconut or from buying plastic water bottles. So you can too! They’ll eventually give in, just to stop you from harping on about it and hey, it works.

Got more easy eco-travel tips to add to the list? Let me know!

Good luck fellow eco-traveller.

Yours truly,

Imperfect Traveller

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