A traveller by day and a wine connoisseur by night.

Travelling is what sets my heart free. I love airports and airplane food. Have you had a glass of red wine at 30,000 feet with clouds for company?! It’s out of this world! I prefer taking-off to landing, but that’s probably because it’s the only thing I know how to do. I gorge on new cultures and consider myself an avid foodie; and will visit the country twice purely for the cuisine. I fall in love easily, with food, with wine, with animals, with people. I advocate for ethical tourism and strongly believe it’s the only way to travel. Exploring a new land requires energy, passion, light and wonder; all of which are tucked neatly under my belt. You’ll often find me with a glass of wine, preferably red, glued to my hand; whether I’m lounging by the pool, watching a good movie or even working.

My end goal is simple – to be undoubtedly and inexplicably content.

This blog will be a testament to that journey.